About the Book

In the late summer of 1996, I called Dick Schaap because I wanted to photograph Bart Starr with Brett Favre and I thought maybe we could collaborate on an article for Sports Illustrated. About two weeks later, Dick called me back and asked if, instead of an article, I’d like to shoot the photos for the book: Green Bay Replay.  

Just like that I had a ringside seat to one of the greatest years in Packers franchise history. In all, I photographed four regular-season home games, two home playoff games and was on the sidelines for Super Bowl XXXI – the first time the Packers had won the Super Bowl since my dad and Forrest Gregg carried a victorious Vince Lombardi off the field after Super Bowl II.

Here’s how Dick inscribed my copy of our book:

“To Dan Kramer,

Your dad did it with words, and you did it with pictures – thanks for bringing Green Bay – the town, the team and the fans – to life.

All good things,

Dick Schaap, 1997”

In all, Green Bay Replay used 32 of my photos in black and white. Return To Glory contains 104 full color photos. In 2000, 50 photographs from this project began a three-year tour of Wisconsin museums and galleries.

In 2015, I called famed photo editor Jim Colton, former Director of Photography at Sports Illustrated and Newsweek. I told Jim 2016 was the 20th anniversary of that great season and asked him to look at the work and whether he thought I had enough material for a coffee-table photography book. He said yes and suggested I self-publish it by launching a Kickstarter campaign.

Then I talked to my dad about the idea and he suggested I gather remembrances from some of the various individuals that were there. Return to Glory contains remembrances from Bob Harlan, Ron Wolf, Mike Holmgren, LeRoy Butler, Antonio Freeman, Bart and Cherry Starr, Paul Hornung, Willie Davis and many others -- 23 remembrances in all, which are paired with photos at the back of the book.

I could not have done this book without my mother, Barbara Jean Knippel. She is my rock. She is my lifelong collaborator. She helped me design the Kickstarter rewards, edit the photos and text and, since this is a self-published endeavor, she has already offered to help ship the books!

Thank you to Jeremy Schaap who without hesitation wrote a touching and moving Foreword. Jeremy and I started our friendship in the summer of 1990. We went to Yankee Stadium and watched Bo Jackson hit three homers – the first over the head of Deion Sanders.

I was very fortunate to work with veteran editor Paul Bodi, currently working for Major League Baseball’s internet site, MLB.com. And I was equally fortunate to find David Skolkin to put this all together for me. David works with Radius Books as well as running his own independent graphic design business in Santa Fe.

Finally, I’d like to acknowledge the friends and Packer fans that made this book possible. Without you, this dream would have never come true. I hope this book means as much to you as it does to me. Twenty-nine years is by far the longest championship drought in the storied history of the Green Bay Packers franchise. But you kept the faith, kept the stadium sold out, kept holding out hope. So when this 1996 season happened, there was a decades-long release of pent-up frustration. It was glorious. And I’m so happy to be able to bring my book to life on the 20th anniversary of the Packers return to glory.

Go You Green Bay Packers! Go!!